Child-resistant packaging

from STO Responsible is here to ship ‘n showcase your industry’s brand like never before. Get to know STO.

  • PROTECTS EVERYONE -Child-resistant to provide peace of mind!
  • PROTECTS YOUR BRAND -100% customizable to create eye-grabbing differentiation.
  • PROTECTS QUALITY -Thoughtfully designed to insure the consistency of your product.
  • PROTECTS THE EARTH -Accelerated degradation rate to limit environmental impact.

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Safety compliant packaging is the right thing to do. Especially if you do it better. STO’S proprietary lock-and-release mechanism is both child and pet-resistant. Every container leaves room for a little peace of mind. Not simply earning certification because the law requires us to, but exceeding every standard. Because it should.

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Every STO container is designed to preserve what’s inside. But we also believe passionately in preserving the world outside. For when your STO box is not recycled, we use an enzyme driven degradable plastic in all our STO containers. Rest assured you have chosen an environmentally friendly product.

Unlike products made from plastics with half-lives measured in centuries, STO containers have an accelerated degradation rate using an enzyme initiated additive formulation. The material degrades to the point where naturally occurring microorganisms can restore the natural way of things.

Investing in the latest environmentally-sensitive technology is one more way we check the important boxes in creating yours


You no longer have to compromise your brand's identity on the self due to legal compliance. STO we have designed wraps, sleeves and sticker labels to fit your STO boxes. Available are the dielines your print house will need to create this customized look.



STO boxes are stocked in clear, white and black.

Custom color matching available.

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ASTM CFR Title 16 , Part 1700 ISO 8317

Designed and manufactured in the USA

Food GradeRecyclable

Accelerated Degradation

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