STO Pop Tops serve as a wholesome and versatile solution for marijuana packaging. One of the best features of STO Pop Tops is that they employ an innovative, fast-paced, and intelligent degradation technology that makes them degrade at an accelerated rate in landfills.

The unique shapes of the STO Pop Top containers are designed to accommodate maximum product while occupying minimal storage space in your dispensary or shop’s shelves. The uniformity of STO Pop Top’s design and shape gives a unique and organized look to your dispensary shelves.

Besides the high-end sustainability that they provide, STO Pop Tops are ideal for your shop and customers because they are available in various shapes, such as Brick, Cube, Mini, and Micro, each of which has a different capacity. When you compare STO Pop Tops to other Pop Tops, you will notice a considerable difference in the quality, utility, and branding ability.

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