Pre-rolls cannot be stored securely in just any container, containers not specifically designed for pre-rolls can easily leak out the smell, aren't necessarily airtight, and aren’t child-resistant either. Moreover, they don’t offer convenience to the user.

STO Joint Tubes are the ideal packaging solution for pre-roll joints, blunts, some vape pens, and cartridges. The quality, utility, and sustainability levels of the STO joint tubes far exceed the low quality of low-cost plastic packaging. At the same time, STO tubes are much more cost-effective than glass or PCR pre-roll tubes.

Available in two different lengths: 94 mm and 115 mm, the STO joint tubes are certified child-resistant and have a distinct locking mechanism. They are opaque, smell-proof, compact, and airtight. STO Tubes provide discreteness and keep the contents of the tube fresh and potent.

Ideal for your dispensary and customers, the STO blunt tubes can be popped open by simply aligning the arrows. Available in two colors, black and white, you can take your pick, or you can discuss custom colors too. The squared-off bottom of the STO tubes helps keep them upright without the risk of tipping off.

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