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The STO Sample Pack

The STO Sample Pack

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STO The STO Sample Pack

Contains 1 each of the following products, in an assortment of colors.

Just pay the cost of shipping!

The STO Brick 
The STO Cube 
The STO Mini
The STO Micro  
The STO Tube 94mm
The STO Tube 115mm




Years of research and testing went into the development of STO Responsible child resistant certified packaging solutions. Manufactured in the USA, these little powerhouse containers are designed with a focus on safety, durability, sustainability and brand visibility.

With our universally recognizable locking mechanism and airtight seal, your STO Tubes will not cause you frustration when opening.  They are available in 2 sizes and stocked in white HDPE or post-consumer black HDPE.  Custom color options are available upon request.   

STO Tubes

Our newest STO product are our STO Tubes!  Introducing the STO Tube which offers:

  • Design and Lock

Being airtight and designed with a solidly squared off bottom, the STO Tube will stand upright without concern of tipping.  STO Tubes are available in two lengths for versatility: 94mm and 115mm.  Our locking mechanism is universally recognizable, simply align the arrows and pop the top off! 

  • Branding

The STO Tube has a simple wrap around label option for both sizes. Additionally, we have designed exterior sleeves which easily slip over your STO Tube. This offers you the opportunity to keep all product specific information on the container, while sitting on the retail shelf fully branded!

  • Sustainability

Concerned how your decisions affect the environment?  STO are we! Our products are made right here in the USA from material that is domestically sourced, reducing our carbon footprint!  Manufactured from HDPE the STO Tube is fully recyclable and when ordered in black will come to you in a post-consumer HDPE as well.  Plus, being manufactured with intelligent degradation technology these little powerhouse beauties degrade at an accelerated rate in landfills!  Go ahead, feel as good about your choice to buy the STO Tubes as we feel about ours in making it for you!

  • Compliant

Designed for adults to easily open yet resist the efforts of children under 5, the STO Tubes have passed the Child Resistant Certification test: ASTM CFR Title 16, Part 1700.  

  • Specification

The STO Tube was designed for pre-rolls joints, blunts and vape pens and cartridges.

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