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The STO Cube

The STO Cube

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STO Cube Pop-Top 55 Dram - 188 ML Sustainable Container

(White, Black Or Clear) Case Pack 432 Units ($.69 Per Unit)




Years of research and testing went into the development of STO Responsible child resistant certified packaging solutions. Manufactured in the USA, these little powerhouse containers are designed with a focus on safety, durability, sustainability and brand visibility.   

With our patented locking mechanism and airtight seal, your STO containers will not pop open when you need for them to stay closed.  They are stackable, available in 4 sizes and stocked in white, black and clear.  Custom color options are available upon request.   

STO Cube

You can probably guess what shape this STO product emulates, a Cube!  

Introducing the STO Cube which offers:

  • Low Profile - High Utility Design 

With a low-profile design being wide mouth and finger deep, the STO Cube allows for easy access and visibility of its contents.  Whether you grow flower or create infused edibles, the STO Cube will safely keep your creation from little hands while protecting the integrity of your products. 

  • Branding

The STO Cube offers five dedicated panels allocated for the branding and labeling of your products.  Additionally, we have designed exterior sleeves which easily slip over the STO Cube. This offers you the opportunity to keep all product specific information on the container, while sitting on the retail shelf fully branded!

  • Sustainability

Concerned how your decisions affect the environment?  STO are we! Our products are made right here in the USA with all materials being sourced domestically, reducing our carbon footprint!  They are reusable and recyclable.  Plus, being manufactured with intelligent degradation technology these little powerhouse beauties degrade at an accelerated rate in landfills!  Go ahead, feel as good about your choice to buy the STO Cube as we feel about ours in making it for you!

  • Compliant

Designed for adults to easily open yet resist the efforts of children under 5, the STO Cube has passed not 1 but 2 Child Resistant Certification tests: ASTM CFR Title 16, Part 1700 | ISO 8317.  

  • Specification

The STO Cube holds a quarter ounce of flower and endless options for infused edibles.


2.43” top width x 2.29” high x 2.25” base.  


The STO Cube is sold by the case with 432 units per case.

Product Information:

55 Drams

188 ml

6.35 oz

STO Cube case pack dimensions: 24 x 18 x 10 

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