Shipping Policy

Delivery shall be Ex Works (Incoterms 2010) STO Responsible’s manufacturer location within the continental United States. STO Responsible reserves the right to subcontract its fulfillment of any order or part thereof. In absence of packing instructions from Purchaser that STO Responsible accepts, STO Responsible shall use its own discretion in choice of method of packing. Risk of loss and damage, whether insurable or otherwise, shall pass to Purchaser after the products are made available at STO Responsible facility. Loss of or damage to the products after the risk of such loss or damage has passed to Purchaser does not discharge Purchaser from its obligation to make full payment of the purchase price and other sums due. STO Responsible shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make delivery of products within the time requested by or discussed with Purchaser, however, such times are non-binding and are not of the essence or representations of fact, and STO Responsible shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, or expense resulting from any delay. In the event of delay beyond any date agreed for STO Responsible’s performance of its shipping obligations due to circumstances for which Purchaser is responsible (including a lack of acceptance), the risk of accidental loss of the products to be delivered (including while in storage) passes to Purchaser from the time of such delay, and STO Responsible will be entitled to compensation for any costs, expenses, and losses it suffers by reason thereof. In case of accidental loss, STO Responsible shall be released from its shipping obligations; however, Purchaser remains obliged to make full payment of the purchase price and other sums due. Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of the risk of loss to Purchaser, STO Responsible shall retain title to all products supplied to Purchaser until Purchaser has remitted the entire purchase price and any other sums due in full for the applicable products.