About Us

Say 'hello' to STO.

It’s STO good to meet you! We’re STO Responsible, a Boulder, Colorado-based, family-owned, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council-certified purveyor of sustainable cannabis packaging solutions!

Child Resistant packaging has a job to do. Its certification depends on it. However, we weren’t content with letting STO simply “pass the test.”
We wanted to 'Check Every Box.'
  • STOsustainably
Sustainability is the purpose that leads all of our choices and is embedded in the fiber of our decision-making process. All of our products are made right here in the USA, which significantly cuts down on supply-chain waste, and thoughtfully designed to preserve what's on the inside as well as the world outside. STO containers are recyclable, but for those occasions when they find themselves in the landfill anyway, you can still rest easy. We use an enzyme driven degradable plastic in all our STO containers. This means they’ll break down quickly in a landfill environment. Additionally, STO tubes are manufactured from both virgin and post-consumer HDPE.
  • STOcompliantly
Compliance is the name of the game in cannabis. With USA/EU/MX/CA Child Resistant certifications, patented three-point closures, FDA Food Grade materials, and airtight gasket seals, the line is ready for any change in regulation, and the future of federal legalization.
  • STOcustomizably
No need to compromise your brand's identity on the shelf in order to be compliant. At STO, we can design everything from wraps, sleeves, and sticker labels to fit your boxes! Customizable sleeves showcase your brand and create eye-grabbing in-store differentiation.

  • STOfriendly
Friendly to both your fingers and the planet! Our proprietary release mechanism manages to achieve a design that is both child-resistant and arthritic-accessible. The wide-mouth design makes it easier for your customers to see, reach and remove product. 
We also make it a point to stay friendly to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. All of our products are uber-stackable, and made in the USA, which equals reduced shipping waste and a shorter shipping cycle.
  • STOefficiently
We designed STO with your day to day operations in mind.
STO ships open, to save you labor. STO ships nested, to save you space.
So, however you found us, we’re glad you’re here! Let’s raise our glasses (or joints) to 2023 - the year of sustainability. We just know it’s going to be STO amazing!