​The Future of Cannabis Packaging is Now - How the Hemp Farming Act created the sustainable marijuana packaging market.

​The Future of Cannabis Packaging is Now - How the Hemp Farming Act created the sustainable marijuana packaging market.

Published by STO Responsible on 30th Jun 2021

According to a recent report published by Grand View Research, Inc, the legal marijuana market size is expected to touch $70.6 billion by 2028.

While this exponential growth has an array of benefits for the cannabis industry, it brings some harmful side effects with itself, the foremost being: an increased waste index. The enormous amount of waste produced by the cannabis industry can lead to several environmental problems – pollution being the topmost. A vast amount of this waste is caused by the packaging used for cannabis products.

Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of the cannabis industry. There are several pointers that a cannabis provider has to adhere to when it comes to packaging. Some of them are:

  • General packaging guidelines
  • Child Proofing Features
  • Special Instructions
  • Brand Labeling
  • Durable and Reliable Material

While they do follow the above pointers, cannabis providers often forget the environmental impact of the packaging they use. They have mainly been utilizing single-use plastic packaging for their cannabis products.

The primary reason for this could be the usual trend that they have observed over decades and the easy and cheap availability of single-use plastic packaging in the market. Unfortunately, single-use plastic is neither reusable nor recyclable. This means that single-use plastic creates an irreversible impact on the environment and human health.

However, other than the widespread encouragement to ban the sale and usage of single-use plastic, the 2018 Hemp Farming Act played a crucial role in the evolution of the sustainable marijuana packaging market.

2018 Hemp Farming Act

The Hemp Farming Act proposed removing hemp (cannabis less than 0.3% THC) from the Schedule I controlled substances and considering it an ordinary agricultural commodity. The provisions of this Act were incorporated in the 2018 farm bill, which went on to become law in December 2018.

Along with this, the Act ensured that the hemp farmers could avail themselves of several federal agricultural grants and water rights, among many other provisions, thus encouraging and facilitating wide-scale hemp farming.

How has the Hemp Farming Act opened doors to sustainable cannabis packaging?

In 1996 when California legalized the use of medicinal cannabis, the need for an efficient, consistent, and reliable marijuana packaging solution gained importance.

But it is only with the recent recreational legalization of cannabis that the volume of cannabis production has increased manifolds. This emphasized the need for an efficient as well as a ‘sustainable’ packaging solution for marijuana.

In such a situation, the Hemp Farming Act led to a big welcome change in the cannabis industry. The Act made it possible for manufacturers to use hemp to create recyclable and sustainable cannabis packaging options. Today, hemp has been recognized as one of the most sustainable solutions for cannabis and hemp packaging.

How can you switch to sustainable cannabis packaging?

Consumers are increasingly opting for brands that utilize sustainable packaging solutions. Whether you’re selling online or offline – consumers prefer stores that show their interest in preserving the environment.

Big and small brands alike have taken this concern seriously and are shifting to sustainable practices for their cannabis products. As a brand, it is your corporate social responsibility to reduce the impact of cannabis packaging waste and address the global issue of climate change.

It would be best to make a complete shift to green packaging. With climate change being a growing concern, there are many ways in which the cannabis industry, too, can reduce its impact on the environment.

Here are a few tips you can use to make the shift:

  1. Make certain the packaging you decide on is domestically manufactured from material that is domestically sourced. This choice alone will reduce your carbon footprint significantly.
  2. Opt for recyclable materials that maintain the product’s freshness and will easily decompose. You can also opt for reusable packaging items.
  3. Choose a trustworthy sustainable packaging provider for your cannabis products.

These are three basic things you can do to incorporate environment-friendly operations. And I can help you with one of them. If you’re looking for a packaging partner that offers the best CR certified sustainable packaging solution, you don’t need to look further.

Go STO Responsible

When you choose STOresponsible as your packaging partner, you are making a huge step towards sustainability! STO seeks to reduce your waste index with its innovative CR certified cannabis packaging options. STOresponsible provides a range of packaging options that are child-resistant, uniquely designed, and sustainable.

Not only this, STO ensures that they leave a minimal carbon footprint themselves. Every product in their line is 100% domestically manufactured from material that is 100% domestically sourced. Not only that, these raw materials are reusable and recyclable too.

The best part about choosing STO products is that they are easily degradable in landfills at an accelerated rate through implementation of an intelligent degradation technology. Whether you need a range of pop tops or just joint tubes, you can depend on STO for high-quality, sleek design and sustainable packaging solutions.

What’s even better is that STO provides free samples for anyone looking to try before they buy. You can place an order with STOResponsible and get started on your eco-friendly cannabis packaging journey.

Future of Cannabis Packaging

Even today, many dispensaries are using recycled paper carryout bags for their cannabis products to adhere to the call of sustainability. Even though it is a great alternative, it is not the best, realistic, and most viable option for cannabis packaging.

When it comes to cannabis packaging, it is vital to be smart and sustainable. Several cannabis growers are pushing for sustainable practices within the cannabis industry. Companies are also prepared to take the issue of climate change head-on while producing high-quality cannabis and reducing its environmental impact. Many cannabis brands and dispensaries are heavily investing in smart packaging or green packaging.

Lastly, if you are still wondering what the future of cannabis packaging is like, I can tell it to you in one word. Sustainable. So don’t wait. Make the switch. Choose STOResponsible for sustainable cannabis packaging solutions. 

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