Sustainable Marijuana Packaging Strengths

Sustainable Marijuana Packaging Strengths

Published by STO Responsible on 11th May 2021

All of the facets our containers are used for:

STO Boxes work perfectly for Cannabis flower and infused edibles. Because of our airtight seal, which is fully recyclable, your products are ensured to stay fresh while also maintaining an odor free experience for those around you.

For flower producers, our wide mouth and finger deep design allows room for your product without the need to squish your well crafted buds into a dark cylinder tube or risk your product being broken apart in a soft Mylar bag.

For our edibles customers we have the capability of custom creating fully recyclable inserts to securely hold and display your beautiful creations.

STO Tubes are engineered with a bowl bottom keeping your pre-rolls anchored in the center of the tube, securing the integrity of your products.

For our Vape pen / cartridge customers, our 115mm length works perfectly!

What’s great about STO containers is that their upcycling opportunities are endless! Our customers find all sorts of ways to use these after your cannabis products have long since been consumed. Organize your medicine cabinet, backpack, purse, car, tackle box, garage….when we say endless we mean ENDLESS.

Our products strengths compared to typical MJ packaging solutions and the weaknesses that typical MJ packaging solution have:

Being made in the USA ensures our customers quick turnaround times and comfort in knowing we have a supply chain in place which will not be delayed by customs or shipping issues. All products are made in the USA all materials are sourced domestically too.

Our wide mouth finger deep design gives the end user an enjoyable interaction with their cannabis products. Unlike other CR packaging solutions, your customers will be able to easily see and interact with their newly purchased cannabis products.

Opportunities STO products provide customers

STO products provide our customers with brand recognition on the retail shelf as our CR containers stand alone in their shape and size amount a sea of cylinders and bags. Don’t be just another brand using the same old CR packaging solutions. Set your branding STO far apart from your competitors that customers can spot your products in the retail stores as soon as they come in!

The threat our competitors have to the environment.

1. Many of our competitors use packaging manufactured overseas. This creates a larger carbon footprint. Between traveling by boat and trucks a 25lb box sent from Beijing to Denver will admit the same amount of carbon emissions as 3 cars do in one year. STO sources all materials and manufactures all products in the USA reducing the carbon footprint of each package.

2. With traditional round pop tops you are not able to fill each shipping box efficiently. Because of this customers pay to ship a lot of air and increasing the carbon footprint of each package. STO’s pop tops are designed to be nested, limiting the amount of unusable space in each shipping box. This reduces carbon footprint and maximizes cost efficiency.

3. Some competitors will manufacture their packages in the USA but source their materials from overseas, which can be misleading when they are advertised as made in the USA. Just like packages manufactured overseas, material sourced overseas has a large carbon foot print.

4. Traditional pop tops are not designed to be reused. STO pop tops are designed to be upcycled and reused over and over again. This extends the lifecycle of a package, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

5. Packages not designed with an end of life solution create large amounts of waste. Many of these packages end up in landfills taking up space for hundreds of years. STO products address their end of life solution by either being recycled or when they do end up in landfills, using technology to degrade at an accelerated rate.

STO it and use a STO Marijuana Packaging Solution!

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