Marijuana Packaging Design according to Customer Segments

Marijuana Packaging Design according to Customer Segments

Published by STO Responsible on 26th Jul 2021

Some smoke shops and dispensaries tend to overlook one vital aspect when it comes to cannabis. The Packaging. That's right. Besides a high-quality product, high-quality packaging can play a significant role in the customer choosing one product over the other.

Let's face it. There is tremendous competition in the cannabis industry, and if you want the customers to choose your product – protective, attractive, and sustainable packaging is vital. You can experiment with custom packaging to enhance your brand identity. But what are the minute details you must look for?

Have a look at few pointers that will help you choose the suitable packaging:

  • Marijuana Packaging must protect the product

Even though the packaging design is crucial, it won't be impactful if your marijuana packaging doesn't perform its primary function – Protection. Cannabis products need proper protection from environmental pollutants, air, moisture, and dirt. The packaging should also be compliant with the laws imposed by your State.

Here are some characteristics of protective marijuana packaging:

  • Child Resistant
  • Resealable
  • Smell Proof
  • Made of Sturdy Material
  • Opaque
  • Marijuana Packaging must be informative and well-labeled.

When you design your marijuana package, ensure that you give enough space to important information and labels. Your packaging will yield the best results when it has an equal amount of design and information. This is especially important for medical marijuana, in which the dosing information, batch details, date of expiry, and instructions to use should be displayed clearly.

  • Marijuana Packaging should attract your target customers

Why is the design of your marijuana packaging important? Your target customer is assured of the product if your packaging is good. This helps build customer trust and loyalty for your brand. To earn a loyal customer base that returns repeatedly, your packaging should cater to your target audience. A millennial might not be attracted to (or be able to afford) a packaging that a luxury CBD customer opts for. Similarly, luxury CBD customers might not get attracted to packaging that is designed for medical marijuana. It would be a great strategy to get a customized package design according to the customer segments.

Here are some cannabis packaging design tips depending on your customer segment:

  • Youth-Centric Packaging and Design

Millennials are constantly looking out for brands they can relate to. They seek authentic brands that have unique offerings and are trendy. Traditional packaging that is unsustainable might not work with the youth.

Here's how you can make sure your packaging is catering to the youth:

  • Keep it simple

Simple and effective packaging works best across generations. It gives a sense of authenticity and reliability. Youth doesn't necessarily need flashy and over-the-top designs or colors.

  • Sustainable Packaging

This is an aspect you cannot compromise on, especially if your customers are millennials. They value the environment and appreciate brands who do that too. You can earn some brownie points if your packaging is recyclable or has accelerated degradation technology.

  • Let the package speak

Youngsters are constantly carrying or using products that reflect their values and ideologies. In such a case, if your packaging is uniquely designed, it can be easy to endorse and relate to. It also attracts the youth because they follow influencer endorsements the most.

  • Medical Marijuana Customers

Your customers who seek relief from pain would be keener on buying marijuana packaging that states the herb's health benefits.

Here are some pointers that can help design a compelling package for medical cannabis:

  • Medical Symbols & Information

The health benefits of medical marijuana should be well stated on the package. It should be readable and clear. The product packaging should focus on the pain-relieving aspect of the product.

  • Simple & Effective Design

Try to keep the package of your medical marijuana simple in design. Flashy colors, elaborate designs are a no-no in this segment. Ample white spaces with clean graphics will make it easily visible to your customers.

Luxury Cannabis Customers

Luxury clients expect the packaging to be top-quality and pleasing to the eye. Any product is considered 'luxury' if its brand status appears elevated to the customers. A great way to do this can be via the packaging! If you cater to customers who seek luxury cannabis and CBD products, keep these pointers in mind.

  • Designer Packaging

To catch your customers' attention in this segment, you need an out-of-the-box and classy design on your packaging. It could be minimalistic or design-oriented. Your luxury CBD customers expect that your packaging should be valuable and elite at the same time.

  • Innovative User Experience

Luxury customers seek a stylish and customized user experience right from the moment they enter your shop. A design that talks to your customers work best in such instances. A tactile user experience on the packaging can draw your customers to your product.

  • Non-Stereotypical

Avoid stereotypical packaging that goes commonly with cannabis products. Luxury product packaging should be non-conventional and unique in its design.

If you are looking for a packaging brand that fulfills all the above criteria, I have just the answer for you. STOresponsible has innovative packaging solutions that are not just sustainable but also durable and thoughtfully designed. The STO Pop Tops and STO joint tubes are designed in a way that elevates your brand visibility. They feature a locking mechanism and an airtight seal to ensure maximum protection.

The low profile-high utility design of STO products makes it an excellent option for any brand looking for marijuana packaging. All the STO products are manufactured using an intelligent degradation technology that accelerates the rate at which they degrade in landfills. STOResponsible features these powerhouse containers in various color options, and they are among the best marijuana packaging options available in the market currently.

If you are looking to hit the right note with your audience with innovative and sustainable packaging, you can place your order with us right here!

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