​Do consumers actually care about sustainable packaging and the eco-friendly processes of a brand?

​Do consumers actually care about sustainable packaging and the eco-friendly processes of a brand?

Published by STO Responsible on 16th Jul 2021

With everything being delivered right to our doorstep in a post-Covid world, life has become easier in some ways. But whether it is food, medicines, household supplies, or even cannabis, there is one major problem with all of it. Non- Sustainable Packaging.

Bottles, containers, tubes, boxes, bags – not all of them are entirely sustainable. Most of them are plastic-based. That’s just too much non-sustainable packaging and plastic for our planet. Are you wondering how?

Here are some interesting facts about plastic!

  • Almost 32% of plastic packaging is not collected at all.
  • Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade.
  • Plastic production touched a whopping 329 million metric tonnes in 2018.
  • Currently, too, plastic production is no less than 380 million metric tonnes.

With such a heavy production of plastic and its widespread usage worldwide, you might think that using plastic can’t affect us too much in the short term. Even if it does, many big companies are still doing it! Why not me?

The big shift

Here are some more statistics for you:

  • Coca-Cola has committed to collect 100% of its plastic bottles and is actively switching to PET (petroleum-based plastic) bottles in the Western Europe region. It is planning to use almost 50% recycled plastic by 2025.
  • Nestle, the largest food manufacturer, is investing heavily into developing ‘non-virgin’ plastics.
  • Unilever is investing in converting PET waste into a recyclable material for the use of packaging.
  • Popular brands such as Mars, Snickers, Pedigree, Whiskas, and other confectionery, food, and pet food companies are also striving to change their packaging.

These big names have already started making the shift, and many others are following suit. SMEs, startups, and small businesses have never been more conscious about the environmental impact of their packaging. Besides their corporate social responsibility and concern for the environment, there is one more important reason for this shift. Consumer Mindset.

Inside the minds of the consumers

Millennials form the largest chunk of the world population and can have a considerable impact on the sales of your product. It becomes essential to understand their perception, more so if your brand is youth-centric.

This group of individuals born between 1981 and 1996 is active and vocal about social and environmental problems. They not only stand up for social justice and preserving the environment but opt for people, brands, and businesses that resonate with their thinking. According to a survey by Nielsen, 3 out of 4 millennials are ready to pay more for sustainable products and packaging.

But it’s not just the millennials. According to a recent survey by Accenture involving 4000 people, more than half of the respondents didn’t mind spending more on sustainable products that are designed to be recycled or reused. Another recent study involving 19000 people suggests that no less than 70% of the consumers are more likely to buy from brands with sustainable practices and products.

The Trend

Many companies are resistant to make the shift because it can be a costly decision. But what they forget is that they are causing enormous harm in the process. By using cheaper options like plastic, they are causing an irreversible adverse impact on the environment. When investing in sustainable packaging, you are investing in good brand values, customer loyalty, and environmental safety. You’re investing in the future of the planet. So, it is never a losing deal!

Moreover, as you must have seen above, shoppers are willing to pay the extra buck for sustainable packaging. If the packaging material is used wisely and the packaging size is reduced, it can contribute to cost-cutting too!

Nielsen stated that 2018 was the year of the sustainable shopper. They predicted that by 2021, the sustainability market would cross a whopping $150 billion in sales. Not only this, Nielsen said that this decade is of the sustainable shoppers. And guess what? They are bang on!

Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry

According to a report, cannabis is the fastest-growing American industry. There are dispensaries, head shops, and smoke shops at every corner of every city. This industry accounts for a massive amount of plastic waste that causes a threat to the environment. But with sustainable practices, you can leverage the perks of this booming industry while being environmentally responsible.

When it comes to marijuana, consumers want to buy from brands that think the way they do. If you own a cannabis business, you already know that your customers are nature lovers, and they stand for what they believe in! Also, with the rising competition in the marijuana market, brands need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Ensuring sustainable practices and packaging is an effective way to do that.

Thanks to sustainable packaging providers, this is not a difficult task anymore. You can leap from traditional packaging to sustainable packaging with us. You can check out what we have to offer at STOResponsible. All the packaging products (Joint Tubes, Pop Tops, etc.) that we provide are child-resistant and manufactured using intelligent degradation technology. This technology helps them degrade at an accelerated rate.

The Conclusion

If you are still wondering whether consumers actually care for sustainable packaging, the answer is YES. They not only care for sustainable packaging and processes, but they also value them. And according to the trend and customer preferences, sooner or later, you too will have to make the shift irrespective of the location or industry you’re in.

Sustainable packaging has already made it to the stores of many businesses. Others have it hot on their agenda. In short, brands are taking responsibility and transforming their product packaging – actively! They are no longer okay wrecking the environment with plastic and wish to switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Without a doubt, it is time to choose sustainable packaging for your business if you haven’t already. And if you need a reliable and high-quality packaging provider – STOresponsible is here for you! 

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