Child Resistant Packaging: 3 Reasons to use it for your cannabis business

Child Resistant Packaging: 3 Reasons to use it for your cannabis business

Published by STO Responsible on 23rd Aug 2021

Cannabis business owners are consistently seeking ways to switch to better packaging solutions for their products. But many only consider the design and branding abilities of the packaging. As a dispensary owner, you must also consider whether your packaging is child-resistant and complies with the State Laws.

Child Resistant Packaging is not an option but a strict mandate in many states. A majority of State Cannabis regulators spend considerable time and effort to prevent the reach of cannabis products to minors and the black market.

The best way to keep up with the constantly changing regulations of the State is to choose a marijuana packaging supplier that offers child-resistant packaging that is well-designed, branding-friendly, and customizable. Your marijuana packaging supplier must stay on top of the cannabis trends, compliances and State regulations. Whether you are looking for hemp containers, pop top drams, or joint tubes, your packaging supplier must have child-resistant packaging solutions for all kinds of products.

History of Child Resistant Packaging

While many people in the cannabis industry might think that ‘child-resistant packaging’ is a relatively modern concept, the truth is that it dates back to the 1970s. After witnessing a series of accidental overdoses, Congress introduced the ‘Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970’. They also introduced protocol testing to validate the functionality and effectiveness of Child Resistant (CR) packaging.

Consumer Product Safety Commission or the CPSC acts as the governing body determining what items require child-resistant packaging. On a federal level, the CPSC defines Child-resistant packaging, and most states follow the CPSC guidelines for testing and certification of the packages. Cannabis products, too, follow the CPSC guidelines. Top organizations like the World Health Organization and UNICEF state that CR packaging is one of the best-documented strategies to prevent accidental overdose and poisoning of children.

Three Reasons why you must choose Child Resistant Packaging

1. Protection for the Customer

The most obvious and important reason to implement child-resistant packaging is to ensure the protection of your customers and their children. Babies and toddlers often go through phases that escalate their tendency to put just about anything in their mouths. Even slightly older children can get attracted to fancy packaging. Especially candies and edibles that are infused with marijuana.

It is crucial to utilize child-resistant packaging for your cannabis products to ensure that it stays out of the reach of children and prevents them from ingesting it. While little hands must stay away from your cannabis products, the packaging should be such that it can be easily opened by adults, the elderly, and even specially-abled people.

Smartly put, child-resistant packaging should be ‘tricky’ enough to escape the efforts of children yet open easily by adults. Other than ensuring protection for your customers, using compliant and child-resistant packaging can protect your company from any liability or lawsuits when it comes to dangers associated with your products.

STOresponsible offers Pop Top drams or hemp containers that can offer maximum protection for your customers. Available in various shapes and sizes such as cube, brick, mini and micro, it can be used to store flower, infused edible candies, herbs, and other forms of cannabis.

2. Compliance Issues

Most consumer and dispensary owners aren’t fond of child-resistant packaging. However, they have to keep up with it because of the regulations. Every State that has legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use requires child-resistant packaging for cannabis products. These compliances can pose several challenges for growers, manufacturers, dispensaries, and customers. Ensure that your cannabis packaging manufacturer follows all the required compliances and possesses the necessary certifications.

Almost all child-resistant packages implement a locking mechanism. Some practical ways to implement CR packaging are to use twist and pop lids, turn & lift caps, push & turn caps, lug caps, snap caps or squeeze & turn caps for cannabis packaging. Usually, there are arrows and/or written directions that can help one open the package. Sometimes, there is more than just one item that must be pressed or turned at a time.

If you don’t follow the prescribed guidelines of a particular State, you might end up restricting yourself from selling in that location and give rise to some complex legal issues too. STO packaging products can resist the efforts of children yet can be easily opened by adults. STO Pop Top drams have passed not one, but two Child-resistant certification tests, are hence compliant and safe for usage. STO joint tubes are also child-resistant certified and can be used for packaging pre-rolls, vape pens, and many other cannabis products.

3. Cannabis Industry Trends

In January 2020, California implemented new packaging regulations for the cannabis industry without providing any substantial grace period to the cannabis manufacturers. If you are operating in one or more states, you too, might be at the receiving end of such drastic implementations by the State. Are you ready for that?

Frontrunners in the cannabis industry are pushing for child-resistant and sustainable packaging for cannabis products. If you want to be relevant in the industry, it is essential to step up and follow the trends that your peers and competitors are following.

STO joint tubes and pop-top drams or hemp containers employ an intelligent degradation technology that enables them to degrade at an accelerated rate in landfills. STO has a futuristic approach and encourages growers, processors, and dispensary owners to use recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions to forever bid a bye to single-use plastic. STO’s products are manufactured in America with locally sourced raw material, thus minimizing their carbon footprint.

With STOResponsible’s environmentally friendly, 100% compliant packaging solutions, you can ensure increased protection for your customers and stay on top of the cannabis industry trends at the same time. Take a step towards a healthier world by switching to child-resistant and sustainable cannabis packaging with STO.

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