Cannabis Packaging: What are your customers looking for?

Cannabis Packaging: What are your customers looking for?

Published by STO Responsible on 26th Jul 2021

What comes to your mind when you think of your favorite herb? It is very likely that you picture the package it comes in. The purpose of cannabis packaging is no more restricted to protect the product it contains. It also serves as an extension of your brand, ethics, and values. It is how the customer will potentially remember your product for a long time.

Here are a few things that consumers consider when it comes to cannabis packaging of their favorite products:

  1. Whether it maintains the freshness of the product
  2. Whether it retains the potency of the product
  3. Whether it has an attractive and neat look/design.
  4. Whether it provides the necessary information and labels
  5. Whether it is child-resistant and well secured.

Choosing the perfect cannabis packaging is no easy task. You must adhere to several compliances, in addition to whether it is sufficiently durable, child-resistant, attractive to the consumer's eye, and has a shelf appeal.

But one factor that's relatively recent and critical in these times is the sustainability factor of your cannabis packaging. Given the massive impact of climate change and global warming, customers want to do their bit to help secure the planet's future. They are increasingly choosing brands that invest in sustainable packaging. A majority of the consumers don't mind shelling out an extra buck for environmentally friendly packaging. Investing and using sustainable packaging helps position yourself as a responsible and environmentally conscious brand.

If you feel overwhelmed and confused with the packaging trends of the cannabis industry, don't worry. I am here to help you out! Let me introduce you to a packaging brand that has it all - STOresponsible.

STOresponsible is a one-of-a-kind cannabis packaging brand that can cater to all of yours, your customers, and your industry's requirements.

Let's have a look at some uniquely designed packaging options from STOresponsible that you can use!

  • STO Pop Tops (Cube, Brick, Micro, and Mini)STO pop tops are available in four different variations: cube, brick, mini, and micro. Each container has a different capacity and is available in clear, black, and white colors. You can store your flower or infused herb in it without worry!

Here are some features of the STO Pop Tops:

  • Child Resistant & Compliant

These pop tops are designed to be easily opened by adults yet comfortably resist a child's efforts to open it up. The STO Pop Tops have passed not one but two Child Resistant Certification Tests under the ISO.

All the STO products are made from material sourced locally which helps to reduce the brand's carbon footprint. Besides this, all the STO products are reusable and recyclable. They implement an innovative and intelligent degradation technology that allows the product to degrade into the landfill at an accelerated rate. They are designed keeping sustainability in mind.

  • Uniquely Designed

The wide mouth and finger deep design of the STO Pop Tops allow easy access and visibility of the contents to the user. It is designed to retain the freshness and integrity of your product. Besides this, STO products are designed to be easily stackable and packable for operational and logistical efficiency.

STO pop-tops features five dedicated panels that you can use for the branding and labeling of your products. They also feature an external sleeve that can easily slip onto the Pop Top. This allows you to place all the product information on the container while keeping it branded and decked up on your shelf.

The STO Tubes are perfect for storing your pre-roll joints, blunts, vape pens, and cartridges. These joint tubes are available in two lengths, i.e., 115 mm and 94 mm, each of which can be brought in two colors: white HDPE or post-consumer black HDPE.

Like the STO Pop Tops, the STO joint tubes possess specific characteristics that make them a preferred packaging solution compared to others.

Here are some features of the STO joint tubes:

  1. Unique Design

The STO tubes won't tip off quickly because they have a solidly square bottom that keeps them well stood on any surface. They are air-tight and protect your product from any atmospheric elements such as dirt, moisture, and pollutants. The easy locking and popping system of the tubes make it easy for the user to lock it or use it as required.

  • Child Resistant and Compliant

The STO tubes have passed the Child Certification Test and implement a secure locking system. You need to align the arrows on both parts of the tube to pop it open. This locking mechanism makes it easy for an adult to open it but resists the efforts of a child trying to gain access to it.

  • Easy Branding

You can order a simple wrap-around label on the STO tubes for branding purposes. They also feature exterior sleeves that can be slipped onto them to accommodate all of your product details. If you are interested in getting an estimate on custom easy branding for your STO Tubes, contact us directly.

  • Sustainable

Like the STO Pop Tops, the joint tubes are built using the same intelligent degradation technology focused on maximum sustainability.

All the products of STOresponsible are child-resistant packaging solutions that have been carefully manufactured after years of research and testing. STO products are designed to provide maximum durability, safety, sustainability, and brand visibility to the users, dispensary owners, growers, processors, and shop owners. STO packaging solutions are sustainable, certified child-resistant, recyclable, with accelerated degradation technology. This green technology allows STO Responsible products to degrade quickly in a landfill environment. Having the accelerated degradation technology makes us a preferred choice for environmentally responsible brands.

The cannabis industry is booming, and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use. Simply put, this means that you must prepare for tough competition ahead! Your product needs to be of excellent quality to get an edge over your competitors. So should your packaging! If you want to step along towards a greener planet by implementing sustainable cannabis packaging across your products, it's time to become STOresponsible. 

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