8 Mistakes to avoid when you choose your Marijuana Packaging Supplier

8 Mistakes to avoid when you choose your Marijuana Packaging Supplier

Published by STO Responsible on 23rd Aug 2021

No matter how big your order is, it isn’t a success till it reaches your customer safely. As a dispensary owner, you need to have the right marijuana packaging supplier to help you achieve your goals. However, many times, dispensary owners or retailers make some mistakes when they choose their suppliers. If you are looking for a marijuana packaging supplier and want to avoid those mistakes that most retailers make, read the next section of this blog.

Here are 8 Mistakes you must avoid when choosing a Packaging Supplier for your cannabis products.

1. Not knowing the environment of the marijuana packaging supplier

Understanding the temperature, condition, and environmental condition of the marijuana packaging supplier can give you an insight into what temperature and conditions suit their products.

This gives you an idea if your product will remain safe during transit or in your warehouse or shop. It can also give you an insight into the safety and durability of their packages in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

2. Choosing multiple wholesale edible packaging suppliers

Choosing the right cannabis packaging supplier will help you and your business prosper. However before selecting that one supplier, ensure that you know the quality of their work and how soon they can replenish your stock.

The quality of the product might vary if you choose more than one marijuana packaging supplier for your products. To maintain a seamless uniformity, it is best to stick with one supplier. Another disadvantage is that you might incur high costs as well. Having one trusted marijuana packaging supplier can be more valuable than having several unreliable suppliers who cannot cater to your requirements.

3. Not giving importance to Child Resistant Packaging

As a dispensary owner, you must ensure that marijuana pouches should not be accessible to children. Do you know that the usage of cannabis in smaller age groups can cause several harmful diseases in the long run?

Therefore, proper safety measures should be listed on the packages. Also, choose a marijuana packaging supplier who understands and implements the concept of child-resistant packaging for cannabis.

Here’s an interesting fact – 19 Dram Pop Top containers are the most commonly used child-resistant containers for cannabis packaging.

4. Not choosing cannabis packaging according to the cannabis product.

Cannabis is stored, packed, and shipped in different types of packages all over the world. These packages possess different dimensional properties and are made up of qualities ranging from low to high. Many retailers don’t give enough attention and time to match their packaging with their products, resulting in ineffective packaging.

Always remember that the packaging should match the type of marijuana inside the box. For Example, 19-dram pop-top containers are a convenient and compliant CR packaging option for 1 to 2 grams of flower, herb, or infused edibles.

Cannabis packaging can be of many types, and even DIY packs can be used, such as Stand-up packages, Stick packages, and Pillow bags. Pillow bag is the most versatile and most comprehensive and most extensive package among those mentioned above.

A retailer should also acquire sound knowledge of different packaging techniques and materials to get the best deal out of the marijuana packaging suppliers.

5. Ignoring the supplier’s customer reviews and feedbacks

As a retailer, you already know that your cannabis packaging and design should be good quality, whether 19-dram pop-top containers or joint tubes. But many retailers ignore the customer reviews and feedback about the prospective packaging supplier before finalizing them!

This can land you in a soup. Without enough research and assurance of the supplier’s past work, you might end up compromising on the quality, shipping process, or timely deliveries for your cannabis packaging. Always read the customer reviews and feedback of prospective suppliers. If none are available, ask them for client references.

6. Not considering the amount of space available for labels and branding on the packaging

The packaging must have unique spaces as they help feature, paint, and picture the cannabis properly.

  • There must be enough space to accommodate the proper font size of the label
  • Legal warnings too, need to be written in decent, readable font size on the labels.
  • The package should also disclose warnings for using the pouches (if any).

Leaving space for labeling and branding essentials is un-skippable, and your supplier must provide this facility with their packaging solutions.

7. Opting for a General Packaging Supplier in place of cannabis packaging supplier

The biggest mistake a retailer can make is choosing a general packaging supplier to avoid extra costs. A general packaging supplier is not suitable to cater to the packaging needs of cannabis.

Cannabis packaging employs a locking mechanism and is child-resistant. It is designed keeping the laws and compliances in mind. It cannot be replaced by general packaging. Cannabis packaging is made to fit different cannabis products and is smell-proof, lockable, child-resistant, and discreet.

8. Check if the supplier provides custom cannabis packaging too

If you are looking for a specific color or shape of marijuana packaging that resonates with a particular brand, you must bring this up with your edible packaging suppliers. Instead of assuming that they might not be able to provide what you need, give them a chance to get back to you.

Even though they might not have something similar in stock, on most occasions, they might be willing to custom make packaging according to your requirement. Whether it is a different size, color, or dimension, you must always check for custom packaging solutions with your supplier before crossing them off!

These were some common mistakes that one should avoid when choosing a marijuana packaging supplier. More features such as sustainability, environmentally friendly nature, and recyclability make your packaging more attractive and planet-friendly.

STOresponsible provides the best sustainable marijuana packaging solution with their STO Pop tops and STO joint tubes that are recyclable and provide sustainable packaging solutions to retailers and dispensary owners.

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