STO Tubes: The STOlution for Single-Use

Single-use pre-roll & cartridge tubes are creating a pre-packaged pollution nightmare!
In fact, pre-rolls and cartridges are the #1 produced cannabis packaging item.
Rather than add to an existing problem in the industry, we decided to fix it.
Our eco-friendly tubes are made from a post-consumer material, HDPE. This material is sourced in the USA, and our tubes, unlike some other brands, are made right here in the USA, too! This alone reduces our shipping-cycle carbon emissions by 71%!

It’s harder to upcycle a single-use tube, since its purpose is so specific (but necessary). However, we knew this going in. That’s why STO tubes are also recyclable and break down in a landfill environment, just like all of STO’s other products! In fact, once your STO tube makes it to the landfill, it will fully break down within 5 years. Finally, STO tubes offer a truly sustainable alternative to internationally-sourced, ocean-bound plastic for the dispensary community!
Post-consumer material and a domestic supply chain translate to affordability for you!

STO tubes come in two sizing options! Perfect for both cartridges and pre-rolls, our tubes protect your products and make the grade. 

Round inside. Flat outside. STO tubes are designed with a rounded interior made specifically to keep the inside product safe and damage-free, while the flattened bottom actually allows them to stand up on the dispensary shelves! Win-win!

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